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Expanding our team

You’ve got the idea, and you’ve got the words. Now, you just need the tools to get it all on paper. If you are an author (or an author-to-be), we would like to talk to you. At Knave, we have a hand-picked family of genre authors and creators who are working together to build a small, hands-on publishing community. We want to work with new authors to develop their craft, find the right editors, artists and sales channels.

If you want to learn more (or are ready to jump in), please drop us a line. Pull together the current draft of your manuscript, check out our submission guidelines and jump to our new authors page to send us a copy. Don’t worry. Your work is still uniquely and entirely yours. The review process just give our team a chance to see where you are, both in the writing process and in your writing career. We receive or claim no rights to your work and will not use it in any way, other than to provide you with confidential feedback.

If you have questions or concerns before you submit, please contact us at any times.